Turnip Green Creative Reuse #FBF

#FBF and #ThankfulFriday shoutout to a local arts nonprofit doing great work in the Nashville community, Turnip Green Creative Reuse (TGCR)! Their mission is "Fostering creativity and sustainability through reuse". TGCR fulfills that mission through 4 areas of service, as described on their website: 

A retail donate what you wish ($) store, education/outreach, artist support, and a green gallery. It provides a welcoming and neutral place for artists, educators, and any creative person to connect. We hold a high priority to serve the art community as well as work with children in our community, bringing them ways to create from what they see going in the trash everyday.

Over the years, I've enjoyed many opportunities to parnter with TGCR. The pics above -from left to right- show a piece I created from upcycled materials and contributed to a TGCR benefit show, painting their logo on signage for doorway, and presenting my work at NashvilleNext speaker series, during topic discussion on "sustainable urbanism & community livability". TGCR was featured as a local org supporting sustainable culture; I showed and spoke about artwork I have used recycled materials in.


Another great experience partnering with TGCR, leading a workshop for Metro Nashville Public Library, is pictured above. On staff retreat days MNPL invites local organizations to put together a variety of educational workshops and let employees choose what they would like to attend.

Turnip Green Creative Reuse was one of the local organizations selected to put on a workshop during a staff retreat. The reuse art project I led centered around book art- being for the library- it seemed like a natural fit!

I'm so thankful that Nashville has such a great oganization working to keep the community creative and sustainable. If you're in the area be sure to check out their brick and mortar shop in East Nashville!